Where Radio is a Contact Sport

Welcome to TCG

The Tennessee Contest Group is a group of Amateur Radio operators (hams) who enjoy operating in competitive radio sporting events or “contests.” The contests range from world-wide 48-hour events with tens of thousands of participants to smaller regional events which may be as short as one hour in duration. The goal of most contests is to contact as many other participants on as many amateur radio bands as possible. The “prize” for doing well in contesting is usually nothing more than a wooden plaque, a paper certificate, and the recognition of one’s peers. The real prizes are found in the joy of competing, improving over past efforts, and learning from each other along the way. We invite you to consider joining the fun and excitement of amateur radio contesting with the TCG.

The TCG Prime Directive is simple: Have FUN Contesting!

We hope to work you in the contests, and we hope that you will consider joining the fun with us. See our links to the right for more information on contesting with the TCG.