Where Radio is a Contact Sport

First Annual TCG Spring Fling – April 16

One of the TCG’s charter members, Mark K0EJ, has offered to host a Spring get together at his new contest QTH in Hixon, TN. April 16 has been chosen as the best date. As Mark put it “It’s on a Saturday, a week after GQP and sort of an off week contest-wise, although we could fire up a rig and play a little in the Eu SSB Sprint that afternoon on 20M.”

It could be as simple or complicated as we want – maybe a burgers/dogs/chips/soda kind of event or potluck or ??? If this turns out to be something that the TCG enjoys doing, Mark is considering making this an annual event.

I’m sure there will be more details to come from K0EJ, but this sounds like a lot of fun for the TCG. It might also be a good opportunity to invite new and potential contesters — let them experience some contest-grade enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Mark your calendars for April 16 in Hixon, TN.
Hope to see you then!