Where Radio is a Contact Sport

Changing of the TCG Guard

My appreciation and gratitude to Kirk K4RO and Greg K4KO for their stewardship.  You guys did an awesome job during your tenure.

Thank you to all for your vote of support for Mark K0EJ and me to stand at the helm.  My only agenda is to continue to facilitate the fun in our operations, and to help us continue the advancement of the art and technology.  My personal goals are to introduce contesting to new and seasoned hams alike.  Maybe I can bring a few new ones on board!

The hand-off of responsibilities, logins, locks and funds will be completed this week.  I intend to give a quick stand-up report at our meeting at Mark’s Soddy Daisy Contesting Station. I will follow with a post here and the Google group with the particulars.

In mention of Mark’s shindig this Saturday, please see this link for more info:  http://k4tcg.org/2012/04/01/2012-tcg-eyeball-qso-party/.  I hope to see you all there!  Check this site and the Google Groups for the latest info!

Brad WF7T