Where Radio is a Contact Sport

Thanksgiving Roster Update

As we pause to reflect on all we have to be thankful for, I’d like to mention something I am thankful for.

A small cadre of volunteers have been diligently contributing in an effort to more specifically identify “active members” who can “legally” contribute to our club’s efforts in contests. Our constitution makes it sound pretty easy (i.e. contribute a score), but the admin of that has been a challenge and the result has been a somewhat incorrect answer when asked to submit rosters of eligible members to contest organizers.

Thanks to K4RO, W9WI, AB4GG, and especially N8UM who has taken the lead, I believe we are close to having a “valid” list of current members. There is some uncertainty as we don’t have an easy way to “check everybody in every contest” but we have done that to a limited extent. If you see e-mails flying, either on the reflector or to your personal e-mail account, asking you to help us confirm your status, please respond as appropriate. We certainly don’t want to exclude a member because we missed something. Note that choosing not to be an “active member” will not affect your status on the TCG reflector. Those are separate lists – and we want all those spies who read the reflector to keep tabs on us as competitors to keep reading!!

What can you do to help?? I’m glad you asked. One of the easiest ways is to post your score to the 3830 reflector. We have used the searchable archives to verify member club score contribution. Is it “perfect”??, obviously not.. but the administrative task of doing it perfectly is, in my mind, not worth the effort. We are all adults (ok, most of you- as for me, my wife still thinks I am an immature child at times) and this is AMATEUR radio.

and speaking of membership, 3830, club scores… in addition to THE BIG ONE this weekend, the ARRL 160 and ARRL 10M contests are coming up. I am always amazed at the calls in TN that come out of the woodwork on 160M. Great opportunities to score some points for the club, get it posted to 3830, and make it easier on the gang to maintain an accurate club roster.

Another thing you can do is to take a few minutes to look at your logs and see who you worked from TN. If the call is unfamiliar, try and drop them a short e-mail. use “callsign”@arrl.net if nothing else, and invite them to join the TCG reflector and join our ranks. I have been somewhat remiss in recruiting efforts over the past few years.

Lastly, as the year gets closer to the end, and April is just around the corner, consider serving as one of the TCG officers. Ned/GU and I are getting old(er) and new blood always stirs up the pot. I think we are on term #3 (consecutively – we both served prior as well). So put us out to pasture where we belong!!

vy 73 and again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark K0EJ