Where Radio is a Contact Sport

New TCG Officers

I believe all of the votes are in and tabulated… drum roll please …

With about 20% of the membership voting, N8UM and K4OWR were unanimously elected as Facilitator and EA for this year. Congrats. Ned and I will be doing what is necessary for a smooth transition (i.e., “we had it, you got it – the check will be in the mail”).

I do want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ned for his work over the past 3 years – which included the W1AW/TN operations – and also to W9WI for running the TQP, N8UM for getting a handle on the membership roster, NY4N/AF4QB for handling K4TCG QSLs, to W4NL/KA4S/SEDCO for their continued financial support of the TQP, and also to K4RO for hosting the website/reflector. If I missed someone, my apologies. Senility settling in!

73, Mark K0EJ