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TCG Most Radio Active Award

TCG 2020 Radio Active Award Guidelines

We are happy to announce the introduction of an intra-club competition award for next year – the “TCG 2020 Most Radio Active” Award (MRA).
We have had quite a bit of discussion over the past several months among our members regarding ways to encourage increased club participation in contest events and reporting (3830.com and TCG Reflector).  The MRA is the result of those discussions and thanks to the hard work of Ted W4NZ, Mark K0EJ, Bert W4KW, and Ron WV4P for making it a reality!  Ted W4NZ will administer the standings and all crediting will be based on TCG scores posted on 3830.com and this TCG Reflector.
An MRA will be awarded to the Top 3 TCG participants in each of the three Tennessee sections – East TN, Middle TN, and West TN.
The purpose of the award is to promote contest participation, TCG club recognition, reward member accomplishments, and to HAVE FUN!  And, very importantly, MRA promotes Multi-Ops and Multi-Op participation – a valuable recruiting and educational tool for our club.
This is not a “brute-force” award.  Everyone has a chance to win regardless of station size.
Please review the guidelines above, and start thinking about your Strategy To Win in 2020.  Please direct any questions regarding the MRA to the TCG Reflector.
We hope this award will create healthy competition among our members and be a symbol of TCG Achievement for years to come.
Thank you for keeping TCG Radio Active!
Best 73, Hunter – K3IE