Where Radio is a Contact Sport

2020 MRA Winners

W4NZ MRA Report:

The Most Radio Active Report objectives were:

  • Promote observance of the TCG Prime Directive – HAVE FUN!
  • Promote and encourage recognition of member accomplishments
  • Promote contest participation
  • Promote TCG club recognition
  • Encourage multi-ops and multi-op participation
  • Require some strategy to win – not just “brute force” participation
  • Create potential for lesser-equipped stations to be competitive or win
  • Everyone competitive right up until the end of the year (no run-aways)

I believe we have been successful in meeting or exceeding all these objectives.  Of course there is always room for improvement.  And to that end we have revised the MRA Guidelines for 2021.  The objectives are the same but the scoring has been greatly simplified and hopefully, improved.  As part of this, Juan AC6ZM, has been working diligently to automate the scores collection process from the 3830 website.  Standby for more information on this as things develop.

A copy of the revised MRA Guidelines for 2021 is available at MRA Rules.  Please read them carefully as there have been some major changes.

December is typically a light month for contesting with all the competing holiday activities.  Even so, we managed to participate in 8 contests and generate 13,930 QSOs. For the year of 2020, our members reported participation in 119 different contests while making 276,579 QSOs.  That qualifies as “Radio-Active” by anyone’s definition.  Congratulations, TCG!

Below are the final Most Radio Active scores for 2020.  These scores reflect each member’s highest 5 scores in each of the “Qualifying Contest” categories: Domestic, DX and QSO Parties as well as the operating time and multiplier points from all the “Non-Qualifying Contests“.  But enough talk, let’s get down to business.

The  * MOST RADIO-ACTIVE* TCG member for 2020 is …. Hunter Mills  K3IE … Congratulations, Hunter!  Hunter participated in 57 contests, accumulating 1,380 points but it was the 36 multipliers which propelled him past Juan AC6ZM, who finished second with 413 points more than Hunter but lacked the multipliers to catch him.  Juan still managed to capture 1st place in the East Tennessee region.  Well done, gentlemen!

2020 MOST RADIO ACTIVE Regional Winners:

East Tennessee:

1st Place – Juan Lopez jr. AC6ZM

2nd Place – Ted Bryant W4NZ

3rd Place – Mark Speck K0EJ

Middle Tennessee:

1st Place – Hunter Mills K3IE

2nd Place – Kirk Pickering K4RO

3rd Place – Bruce Smith AC4G

West Tennessee:

1st Place –  Bart Campbell NS4X

2nd Place – Kenny Johns WN8Y

3rd Place – Bill Maddock WW5M

Congratulations to all the top scorers and congratulations to all our members who participated in the MRA competition! We are looking forward to an even better 2021!!

73, Ted W4NZ