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Florida QSO Party 2023 – K4TCG

********************** NEWS FLASH ****************************

Florida QSO Party 2023 – K4TCG (AC6ZM & NN2T) Expedition Category

Saturday April 29 – 16:00:00Z (Noon EDT) – Sunday 01:59:59Z (9:59:59 PM EDT)

Sunday  April 30 – 12:00:00Z (8 AM EDT) – 21:59:59Z (5:59:59 PM EDT)

Juan AC6ZM and Richard NN2T will be activating counties in Northern Florida and the Pan Handle as an EXPEDITION category for the 2023 Florida QSO Party.  The stops will take us through 26 counties.  We will be operating CW and SSB on 10, 15, 20, and 40m.  During the contest we can be followed on APRS using the APRS.fi link below.  We hope to work you in the contest.  73 – Juan AC6ZM and Richard NN2T

*** Tracking both stations*** Please track us using this link below to APRS.fi – You can search by callsign K4TCG* (include the asterisk) and select both expedition units in the pop-up box (K4TCG-1 and K4TCG2-5) to track our expedition stops simultaneously on a single map.

K4TCG APRS real-time tracking

Note: When using APRS.fi, you can click on the route waypoint symbols, or inside each county, for the county names.

73 de AC6ZM