Where Radio is a Contact Sport

Contesting 101

Below is a collection of articles written by K4RO for the National Contest Journal. The column was titled “Contesting 101” and ran for four years from 2008 to 2011. The target audience was anyone just getting started in contesting. On behalf of TCG, we hope that you will find these articles informative and useful. More coming soon!

#1 Welcome to Contesting 101

#2 Contest Clubs – How to Search and Pounce

#3 The Importance of Calling CQ

#4 The Contest Station is Never Done

#5 Competition – Winning, Losing, and Playing the Game

#6 Dealing with QRM

#7 The Contesting Community

#8 SO2R – Single Operator Two Radios

#9 Staying QRV

#10 Station Integration

#11 Top Ten Rookie Mistakes

#12 There Are No Secrets

#13 Beyond Copying Call Signs

#14 Learning From Mistakes