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Welcome to TCG

The Tennessee Contest Group is a group of Amateur Radio operators (hams) who enjoy operating in competitive radio sporting events or “contests.” The contests range from world-wide 48-hour events with… Continue reading

Contest 101 #7 Posted

Installment number 7 “The Contesting Community” has been added to the “Contesting 101” link at K4TCG.ORG. Stay tuned for more articles in the future.

Contest 101 #6 Posted

Installment number 6 “Dealing With QRM” has been added to the “Contesting 101” link at K4TCG.ORG. More coming in 2018.

TCG on Facebook

K4OWR and N8UM have been working tirelessly on an additional TCG communications tool. We are setting up a Facebook presence in addition to the existing Web Page.

Besides having near… Continue reading

New TCG Officers

I believe all of the votes are in and tabulated… drum roll please …

With about 20% of the membership voting, N8UM and K4OWR were unanimously elected as Facilitator and EA… Continue reading


K3FH is forming TCG teams for this weekend’s NAQP RTTY contest. Email Mike at <k3fh.ham@gmail.com> if you would like to sign up for a team.

North American QSO Party

Anyone want to get on a TCG team or 3 ?? Gonna be Not Quite Full Time from the mountaintop.

Happy New Year!!

73… Mark K0EJ