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How to join the fun with the Tennessee Contest Group

Contest Radio Operators have discovered the thrill of contest-style operating, as well as the fun of individual competition. Many of us have also discovered the joy and rewards of team competition as well. We find that contributing to a team effort brings a lot of satisfaction and fun to the game.

We ask you to consider joining us, and contributing to the TCG team scores. Joining TCG is very easy. To qualify as a full TCG member, simply operate at least one contest per calendar year, and submit your logs with credit to the TCG. You may credit your score to TCG by placing the following line in your Cabrillo log file:

CLUB: Tennessee Contest Group

That’s it! There are no dues, no meetings, and nothing else is required. Have no idea what a Cabrillo file is? Join our email reflector to learn more about contest logging software and a whole lot more.

The TCG has a fairly active e-mail reflector. The reflector is where we share tips, report scores, tell stories, and discuss all of the fun, challenge and drama of radio sporting. It is also where we ask questions and share answers. Our email reflector is open to anyone who is interested in contesting. If you would like to join the TCG email reflector, just email K4RO k4ro@k4ro.net with your request.