Where Radio is a Contact Sport

Most Radioactive Award (MRA)

TCG has developed an operating award for its members to promote contest participation. TCG members can accumulate points throughout the calendar through participation in a broad range of contest activities both domestic and DX. The rules for the MRA award are listed below. Points will be tallied monthly and posted here for members to see their results based on their postings to 3830scores.com

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Promote observance of the TCG Prime Directive – HAVE FUN!
  • Promote and encourage recognition of member accomplishments
  • Promote contest participation
  • Promote TCG club recognition
  • Encourage multi-ops and multi-op participation
  • Require some strategy to win – not just “brute force” participation
  • Create potential for lesser-equipped stations to be competitive or win
  • Everyone competitive right up until the end of the year (no run-aways)

Qualification Period: 

  • 00:00 UTC, Jan 1, 2022 through 23:59:59 UTC December 31, 2022

Operating Classes:

  • For the purpose of reporting scores to the 3830scores.com website, there will be 3 operating classes
    • HP (power greater than 100 watts up to legal limit)
    • LP (power of 100 watts maximum)
    • QRP (10 watts maximum)
  • You may use scores from any or all classes to accumulate points.
  • Power levels used must be within the rules of the contest. (Example: NAQP is 100 watts maximum, i.e. Low Power)


Will consist of 3 elements: QSOs, Operating time and number of contests per month.

     1. QSO’s:

  • TCG members may choose contests to operate from the list of MRA Contest Choices for 2021.
  • ALL scores must be submitted to the 3830scores.com website with credit to the Tennessee Contest Group
  • Scores from the previous weekend’s contests must be submitted to 3830scores.com before the contests for the next weekend begin.
  • Scores must be submitted to the contest sponsor and posted on the TCG reflector to count.
  • Scores will be tabulated on a monthly basis.
  • The monthly scores will be based on a member’s total QSO’s made in the contests operated that month, the operating hours spent in the contests and the number of contests worked that month.
  • Out of the 12 monthly scores, each member’s highest and lowest month’s score will be dropped. The highest total of the remaining 10 scores wins.
  • For a TCG Multi-Op station, all operators will receive credit for the total number of QSO’s made in the contest by that station and for the total number of hours operated
  • For TCG multi-ops where the station host is a TCG member, all operators will be considered “grandfathered in” as TCG members whether they actually are or not.
  • For out of state, non-TCG multi-ops where TCG members are guest operators, TCG will get QSO credit based on the percentage of operators that they represent at that multi-op.  For example: TCG has 2 guest operators out of 12 total operators at the K3LR CQWW DX CW multi-op in PA.  Each TCG guest operator would get credit for 1/6th of K3LR’s total QSOs.
  • Members may earn points from a maximum of 5 multi-op scores each year

     2. Operating Time:

  • In each and every contest operated, members will earn 1 point for every 1 hour of operating time.
  • Members of a multi-op who contribute a significant amount of operating time will all receive credit for the same number of operating hours as the multi-op station. Determining “significant amount of operating time” is at the discretion of the multi-op host.
  • Operating time, rounded to the nearest hour, must be shown on the 3830 report.
  • If no operating time is reported to 3830, that entry will be given 1 hour of operating time for scoring purposes.
  • When operating multiple contests, which may occur on the same weekend and have overlapping contest periods, total operating hours will count but they will only count once, not for each individual contest.

     3. Multipliers:

  • There is only one multiplier: the number of contests worked each month

Score Calculation:

  • Most Radio Active scores will be calculated on a monthly basis.
  • Scores will be based upon the number of QSO’s made that month, the total number of hours operated that month and the number of contests operated that month.
  • Scores will be calculated according to the following formula:

MRA points = (total QSO’s + number of hours operated) X (number of contests operated)

Other Particulars:

  • Scoring claims and score reporting are based entirely upon the “honor system”. However, in the case of very close competition or score discrepancies, TCG administration reserves the right to request submission of the appropriate Cabrillo log files.
  • If using an alternate call sign or other change from your normal call, it is the operator’s responsibility to make sure the administration is aware of the change.
  • An operator cannot claim points as a member of a multi-op and from an individual single-op effort in the same contest.
  • Score updates will be posted monthly. It is each member’s responsibility to verify accuracy and bring any discrepancies to the administration’s attention.
  • When the following month’s scores are updated there will be NO changes made to the previous months unless an error is discovered. In that case the error will be corrected.
  • ARRL Field Day, Winter Field Day, CWOps CWTs or NCCC NS Sprints will NOT count for score.


  • A Plaque will be given to the highest scoring member without regard to power class or QTH. This operator will be the “Most Radio Active” member for that calendar year.
  • Since Tennessee has three natural geographic regions, “Most Radio Active” certificates or plaques will be awarded to the top 3 radio active (Alpha/Beta/Gamma) and highest scoring members for each of these three regions:
    • East Tennessee
    • Middle Tennessee
    • West Tennessee

TCG Administration reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete rules, awards, contests, classes etc. as deemed necessary. (Rules updated 1/19/2021)