Where Radio is a Contact Sport

TCG Officers

Thank You to past and present officers who help lead TCG along!

2017: N8UM and K4OWR

2016: N8UM and K4OWR

2015: K0EJ and K1GU

2014: K0EJ and K1GU

2013: K0EJ and K1GU

2012: WF7T and K0EJ

2011: K4RO and K4KO

2010: N2WN and WB4YDL

2009: N2WN and WB4YDL

2008: W4PA and NY4N

2007: K1GU and AD4EB

2006: K1GU and K4KO

2005: W4NZ and NA4K

2004: W4PA and K4JNY

2003: WO4O and K4RO

2002: NY4N and N7DLS

2001: KE4OAR and K4BEV

2000: NY4T and K4JNY

1999: W9WI and W4PA

1998: K1KY and K0EJ

1997: WO4O and K4RO

Thanks also to the following for their ongoing contributions to TCG:

W9WI – Tennessee QSO Party Chairman

NY4N & AF4QB – K4TCG QSL Card Manager

K4RO – Web Site & Internet Services Manager