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TCG Celebrates 20 years!

The August 2013 NAQP CW Contest represents the 20th anniversary of the Tennessee Contest Group. TCG began with an entry in the August 1993 NAQP CW event and won first place. Four years later, our monthly TCG breakfast meeting gang became an ARRL-affiliated club. Shown in the photo are Ric WO4O, Kirk K4RO, and Tennessee Section Manager O.D. Keaton WA4GLS (now a Silent Key.) O.D. presented TCG our certificate of ARRL Affiliation on September 6, 1997. With five full teams in this month’s event, TCG is still piling up the QSOs two decades after our inception. Here’s to the next 20 years! TCG becomes ARRL-affiliated Club 1997-cropped