Where Radio is a Contact Sport


Ham Radio Operator K4RO

RTTY Contesting 101

We are pleased to make available on the TCG home page a presentation by AD4EB on RTTY Contesting. Jim’s presentation was made at SEDCO/W4DXCC a few years ago. It contains… Continue reading

TCG April Meeting at K4RO

On the Porch L-R: K1KY-Tom, WN8Y-Kenny, WF7T-Brad, N4LKE-Ron, W4TLK-Trina, K4AKK-Ron, AI4DB-Tom, W4KW-Bert, W4NI-Russ, AD4EB-Jim

In the shrubbery L-R: N4BCD-Mark, K4UU-Gary, K4RO-Kirk, KN4FAW-Justin

Present but not pictured: KD4F-Ingrid, KB4KCV-Mary, N4RFP-Judy, and… Continue reading