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TCG on Facebook

K4OWR and N8UM have been working tirelessly on an additional TCG communications tool. We are setting up a Facebook presence in addition to the existing Web Page.

Besides having near… Continue reading

New TCG Officers

I believe all of the votes are in and tabulated… drum roll please …

With about 20% of the membership voting, N8UM and K4OWR were unanimously elected as Facilitator and EA… Continue reading


K3FH is forming TCG teams for this weekend’s NAQP RTTY contest. Email Mike at <k3fh.ham@gmail.com> if you would like to sign up for a team.

North American QSO Party

Anyone want to get on a TCG team or 3 ?? Gonna be Not Quite Full Time from the mountaintop.

Happy New Year!!

73… Mark K0EJ