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TCG at Lebanon HamQuest 2018

It was really good to see everyone today. Special thanks to W4KW for securing a few tables so that we all could gather comfortably around our banner, and for setting up the lunch gathering after the hamfest. Thanks also to W4NZ for making the long drive to Lebanon. These meetings really help to keep the humanity in the club.

Welcome also to K4UU and K4TZ  who are our newest Full TCG members. I counted 16 TCG members at the hamfest and/or lunch meeting. Here is the list, in no particular order. Sorry that we didn’t get a group photo, but TCG ops were scattered about sharing our contesting joy. Please let me know if I missed anyone:

W4KW Bert
W4NZ Ted
N4ZZ Don
WF7T Brad
K4UU Gary
K1KY Tom
W4SK John
K4TZ Tom
K4RO Kirk
N4BCD Mark
W4CMG Cathy
W4NI Russ
W9WI Doug

Photo below by W4CMG