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Celebrate 30 Years of TCG in the August NAQPs!

Tennessee Contest Group – “30 for 30” Award – August 2023 NAQP Contests

Greetings fellow contest operators and QSO Party enthusiasts. This year’s running of the August North American QSO Parties mark the 30th anniversary of the Tennessee Contest Group. In the August 1993 CW contest, a group of TN hams banded together, gave themselves a team name of “Tennessee Contest Group” and walked off with the top team score. Shortly after that, TCG became the official name of an ARRL-affiliated club and has grown ever since, keeping Tennessee “radioactive”.

Help us celebrate the occasion and earn yourself a certificate acknowledging your effort. How? Make “30 for 30” for TCG. The rules are simple.

Make 30 QSOs with TCG members during the August CW and SSB NAQP contests, then send your log to “k0ej@arrl.net” for verification. Thirty TCG QSOs will earn you a custom certificate. In addition, the non-TN station with the most TCG QSOs will win something special from Tennessee. Hint — it isn’t an “RC Cola©” or a “Moon Pie©” and you must be 21 years of age or older to receive it. It is likely Tennessee’s most famous export.

A list of current TCG members can be found here: http://k4tcg.org/roster/
Come celebrate with us in August! Send your NAQP CW and SSB logs to k0ej@arrl.net.

Complete rules and information on the North American QSO Parties can be found at:

Please forward to your contesting reflectors. See you in August!

Tennessee Contest Group