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TCG on Facebook

K4OWR and N8UM have been working tirelessly on an additional TCG communications tool. We are setting up a Facebook presence in addition to the existing Web Page.

Besides having near real time posting of scores, spots and band openings (remember it is 6 meter sporadic-E season) we would like to have a swap and shop section and pix from club members.  Please send me your pix of your station, rig or antennas (or hot new Dayton announcements).  For the interim, send the pix to me until we can set up a Dropbox  (or similar location.)

Since I don’t have a tower or beam, I would be interested in seeing all sizes and types of antenna arrays as well as station layouts. Screen shots of how you arrange your contest logging software (on your four screens) would also be interesting to those of us who still labor over most efficient use of N1MM, WinTest, etc.

Check out the page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/k4tcg/

For those of you already on Facebook, please forward your Facebook name to N8UM so he can prepare to link the TCG FB page.

Maybe we can be the first club to reveal pix of the new OMNI rig with an Alpha Amp Logo or 9500 Amp with a TenTec or Dishtronics logo made in Sevierville…

John B. N8UM and Bill R. K4OWR